Book Two in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicle series picks up with our young adventurers lost and separated in a strange, new world. With no allies and no map to tell them where they are, what will they do? How will they survive? More importantly, who is watching them?
Blaken Just one of Nivri�s many minions, this odd creature is willing to do whatever it takes to please his Master. Blaken is a Beagon, a cross between a bear and a dragon. He is merely a simple castle guard until Nivri sends him away on a very special mission�
Anthonon One of the most powerful dragons ever known, Anthonon exudes strength and importance. We hear a story of how, long ago, he befriended another dragon who stumbled upon him when he was trying to sleep. Why is this dragon so important?
Orob Another one of the castle guards, who is this creature and what prisoner is he in charge of guarding? Is he similar to the rest of the castle guards, with a heart of stone and no sympathy for the torturous goings-on happening in the castle?
Katielda The leader of the Yarni Cats, this odd feline appears to have a magical ability, but it is as of yet unclear just what that ability is. The Yarnies are not your average neighborhood cats� they are quite different. This isn�t a bad thing, however, as one of our young travelers soon finds out�
Little Draco This mysterious little dragon is introduced to us as one of the growing number of residents living in the depths of the Castle Defigo. Who is he and how will he tie in with the strange events taking place in the sequel to Dragon�s Blood?
Lotor The most powerful sorcerer in the World of Euqinom. He lives in the Castle Immolo and is constantly striving to find ways to maintain or increase his powers, no matter who or what he might hurt along the way�.
Nivri A moderately powerful sorcerer who lives in the Castle Defigo. He is determined to learn everything he can to become a stronger wizard, and takes special pleasure in torturing his prisoners as he tries to extract information from them�
Shia A forest oracle, Shia has been waiting for a young one to come through the forest on their way to the Castle of Death. When one of the unsuspecting travelers crosses her path, what new information will she finally pass on?
The Prisoner In Book two we are introduced to a very special character known only as �the man�. Who is he and why is he being held against his will? What special powers are in his family, and how can he free himself from being a prisoner?
The answers to these and other questions will eventually be found as the rest of the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles series continues!