Micah is the younger of two brothers from the village of Uncava. He has recently discovered he has an unexplainable magical touch when it comes to holding various stones found in a cave. This magical touch will be come more evident as they delve further into the evil land of Euqinom. After being separated from his brother, sister, and family friend, he was reunited with his brother in the yarnie village and they are now continuing their search for the girls.
Nicho The older of two brothers from the yarnie village, Nicho sees himself as the leader of the small band of travelers, but soon finds himself envious of the way his younger brother subconsciously takes over when push comes to shove.
Ragoo One of the cats from the yarnie village, Ragoo will prove to be an invaluable asset to their small party, especially once they begin fighting a group of mini dragons!
Shia Shia was first encountered by Nicho in “The Prisoner”, and the older boy soon finds himself once again face to face with the oracle as the boys begin their search for the girls. What important information does she share with him this time? And what very important elder creature does she introduce the members of the small search party to?
Boheall Another creature from the Yarnie Village, Boheall is old and wise and provides the group with vital information they will use on their journey. He tells them who to look for as they continue their travels before disappearing in a cloud of smoke!
Nivri One of two evil sorcerers, Nivri has high hopes of ruling Euqinom one day… Once he gets rid of some meddling children...
Blaken One of Nivri’s many minions, Blaken returns from his successful journey through the magical portal to find himself face to face with his Master. After explaining every detail to Nivri about how he destroyed the village of Uncava, Blaken is sent away with a smile and a content heart, anxiously awaiting the next important assignment from his Master.
Mitna As the boys and Ragoo continue eastward, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by a large cluster of glowing insects! Mitna is their leader, and is just another small piece of the puzzle the boys will encounter during their adventure.
Forest Bears While making their way through a thick and ominous forest, the adventurers stumble across three bears. These bears are not like those in the story that many of us grew up with, however, and there is no Goldilocks! Instead of encountering Mama, Papa and Baby bear, these bears are not from a children’s story with a happy ending, and they are very, very hungry!
Teresia is just one of the magical creatures the boys and Ragoo will stumble across during their adventure of a lifetime. She is a wood nymph and provides them with tools, a mode of travel, and life-saving advice as they get much closer to the Castle of Tears.
Ulinae Teresia’s nephew, he comes into the story as the travelers reach the exit of a dark tunnel, near the beach where a large body of water lies which houses the Castle of Tears. We may see him or creatures much like him again in the not-so-distant future

Lemures A large, ghostly white dragon, Lemures has been waiting for these strange, new creatures to save the dragons and the world from the likes of Lotor and Nivri! He does his best to protect and guide them to the Castle of Tears.

Dragon's Tear Characters


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Zig & Zag One of the world of Euqinom’s stranger creatures, Zig and Zag is a two-headed dragon, and each head has two very different personalities. Zig is shy and timid, while Zag is more confident and outgoing. They soon play a very important part in helping the newcomers reach the castle.
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