The story begins with Tonia and Diam, best friends, and their search for chickleberries in the nearby forest. Nicho and Micah are Tonia’s older brothers. Ransa, Muscala and Kaileen are just a few of the creatures that the adventurer’s find
DiamTonia’s best friend and a year older than Tonia. The girls have grown up almost as if they are sisters. Diam will help find pieces to the puzzle that the children begin putting together once they enter the cave. What will the final picture of this puzzle be, and will they all survive to understand the pieces?
Tonia A young girl and a tomboy at heart, she loves to explore the nearby forest and valley in search of animals or bugs of any kind. She loves an adventure and has often dreamed of someday seeing a dragon. She has no idea that the hidden cave that she and Diam find in the forest will soon lead them beyond her wildest dreams
MicahYounger than Nicho and older than Tonia, Micah is the village jester, always joking and bringing smiles to both young and old villagers alike. He joins the others on their excursion to the cave halfheartedly, not really believing that they will find anything out of the ordinary. As they try to find their way through the maze of darkened tunnels, Micah slowly comes to the realization that their adventure is much more than he had bargained for.
RansaJust one of the many mysterious creatures that has lived her entire life in the darkness of the cave. She is a small creature packed full of energy and emotion. Providing for her family was simply preparing her for the challenge that she was soon faced with.
Muscala An arrogant, evil creature that lives deep within the cave. He has knowledge of the history of the missing amulet and will do whatever it takes to get the magical gem back into his possession. He is very proud of the fact that all other cave creatures that know him fear him.
Kaileen - A shy, peaceful creature that unknowingly has important clues to just a few of the cave’s secrets. She has suffered horrible tragedies and sorrow during her short lifetime.

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Nicho Tonia’s older brother, responsible and the unspoken leader of their group excursions. He has taken on the role of ‘Man of the House’ since their father disappeared while hunting a year ago. Nicho accompanies the girls and Micah to the mysterious cave with the intent of keeping the others safe, but in the blink of a firebug, the tables are turned and soon he is the one that needs protection.